Creativity, like the mind, is a terrible thing to waste.

David Harder is an author of fiction and non-fiction works. His stories are inspired by characters who succeed while facing life’s insurmountable odds. Often, his books are set in Arizona.

David discovered late-in-life that he loves to write. "Looking back at the dismal grades achieved in English classes of high school, I'm sure my teachers would find this news rather earth shattering. However, writing opens channels of creativity, one never thought imaginable. It's also a glaring window that exposes my poor grades in English, especially when the grammar and punctuation are checked with software or an editor!"

You must never stop learning how to laugh at yourself.

David believes the glass is half-full—even though he drank half its contents, just seconds ago. In addition to writing, David is a clay artist who is featured in Lark Books: “500 Pitchers” and "Pit Firing Ceramics" by Schiffer.

He resides in the White Mountains of Arizona